comb. form forming adjectives and nouns indicating an action or state produced (abortifacient).
Etymology: from or after L - faciens -entis part. of facere make

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\\|fāshənt\ adjective combining form
Etymology: Latin facient-, faciens, present participle of facere to do, make (as in calefacere to warm) — more at do, chafe


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-facient /-fā-shənt/
combining form
1. Denoting: producing
2. Causing
3. Making
ORIGIN: L faciens, -entis, prp of facere to make

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comb. form producing a specified action or state


from Latin facient- ‘doing, making’

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formative element repr. L. -facient-em ‘making’, pr. pple. of facĕre to make, occurring in compounds as calefacĕre, liquefacĕre, rubefacĕre, tepefacĕre, etc., from pr. pple. of which are adapted the Eng. calefacient, rubefacient, etc.; on the strict analogy of these are absorbefacient, and similar words not formed in L.; and in loose imitation abortifacient, calorifacient, etc., for which L. vbs. would have been in -ficāre, and adjs. in -ficus, calorific-us. Some pronounce (ˈfeɪʃənt), but (ˈfeɪʃɪənt) or (ˈfeɪʃjənt) is more usual.

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